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The board of ECJ held an urgent teleconference on 08/10/2019. Eight members of the board were in attendance and the meeting was called as a result of a meeting that was held between the three members of North America Bayto representatives and three emissaries of the board of ECJ.   
Letter sent to DMV area Representatives                                                                                                                         
The following agreements were reached at the teleconference.                                         
  1. It was agreed that the NA reps establish a nine member committee to review the bylaws of ECJ. Two of the nine members of the committee are to comprise of two of the current three NA Bayto reps. It was also underlined that the reviewers should comprise of people with some legal expertise in the matter , free of involvement in the current dispute that is going within the " Deleyti Fithi " camp, in other words non partisan and neutral in their outlook. 
  2. Once the committee members establish their findings they are to report the results to the NA Bayto reps in writing. The committee members are urged to avoid making any public or private pronouncements about the matter including in social media settings.                             
  3. The next step is for the NA Bayto reps to present the findings of the committee to the public at large at the meeting they have called on August 24th , 2019.                                       
  4. Once the public has reviewed the findings of the committee, the NA Bayto reps will present the recommendations of the public to the board of ECJ in writing. The ECJ board will then call a general membership meeting to decide on the recommendations.                                                                         

The ECJ board reiterates that it is taking this extraordinary step in the interest of achieving unity in the " Deleyti Fithi" camp. ECJ board strongly believes that we should have one strong organization in the Washington DMV area that can function as the motor that drives the NA Bayto and is able to challenge the dictatorial regime in Asmara.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you