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Eritrean Bayto DMV Vision Statement 

Building a more inclusive, sustainable, prosperous and democratic Eritrea whose administrations are accountable to its citizens. 

Eritrean Bayto DMV Mission, Core Values and Objectives 

To speed up the salvation of Eritrea and its citizens, facilitate and accelerate the democratization of Eritrea through civic engagement, political participation and fair representations. 

Eritrean Bayto DMV Core Values and Principles 

Eritrean Bayto DMV strongly believes that Eritreans are entitled to fundamental and basic human rights and; to establish a democratic government whose essential powers and authorities are to guarantee the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship and the right to change their government through the democratic process. 

Eritrean Bayto DMV  strongly believes that democracy involves the right of the people to freely determine their own destiny; 

Eritrean Bayto DMV  strongly believes that existence of economic, political, social and cultural institutions are the foundations of the democratic process and the best guarantor of individual and group rights and freedoms. 

Eritrean Bayto DMV Objective 

Eritrean Bayto DMV  is an action oriented civic movement that believes in setting tasks and objectives that highlight, resist, protest, persuade, defy, and intervene against tyranny in Eritrea. ECJ takes initiatives, sponsor joint projects, organize events to create awareness, promote justice, democracy and human rights in Eritrea through the following initiatives: 

  1. Eritrean Bayto DMV  will advance public policies that assure greater fairness in political, legal, and economic systems in Eritrea by advocating policies that strengthen the Eritrean people’s participation in their own affairs. The Eritrean Bayto DMV  is steadfast in advocating public policies whose primary goal is the abolishing of the dictatorial regime in Eritrea and help in the establishment of a democratic government accountable to its citizens. 
  2. Eritrean Bayto DMV  seeks to raise public awareness about the ongoing crimes against humanity that are being committed by the regime in Eritrea. Eritrean Bayto DMV  shall rally the Eritrean people by exposing these criminal acts that are being committed by the current regime daily. 
  3. The Eritrean Bayto DMV  will Investigate, document and expose individuals or regime officials who engage in such acts that violate the god given rights of the Eritrean people. 
  4. Promote dialogue among Eritreans and various organizations on current challenges facing Eritrea. Eritrean Bayto DMV  will also seek to coordinate with other likeminded Eritrean civic organizations in the DMV area, the United States and across the globe at large. It seeks to narrow differences among various justice seeking organizations to be able to arrive at a consensus platform. 
  5. To educate the Eritrean people and help their community organizations build their capacity so that they can better defend their economic, social and political Rights. 
  6. To assist, protect and defend the rights of Eritrean refugees, asylum seekers and forcibly displaced communities. 

Eritrean Bayto DMV Membership 

Membership Eligibility: Membership in Eritrean Bayto DMV shall be open to any person: 

(a) Regardless of ethnicity, religion, age, national origin, sex, disability, or sexual orientation; 

(b) Who has a legitimate interest in the mission, core values and activities of Eritrean Bayto DMV  and have registered their affiliation to Eritrean Bayto DMV ; 

(c) Who agrees to abide by the provisions contained in Eritrean Bayto DMV ’s Bylaws and Statement of Ethical Principles and Standards of Conduct; 

Membership Right 

Members have single & absolute rights to vote in all Eritrean Bayto DMV  matters. Only members who meet the requirements of the Eritrean Bayto DMV  shall be eligible to vote. 

Responsibilities of Members 

It shall be the duty and responsibility of each member of the Eritrean Bayto DMV  to work in the interests of the Eritrean Bayto DMV  and to further the purposes and policies of the Eritrean Bayto DMV . 

Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free