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To build democratic Eritrea through civic engagement, political participation and equal representations. ECJ Bayto-DMV  strongly believes that democracy involves the right of the people to freely determine their own destiny; ENC-DMV  strongly believes that all Eritreans are equal and have equal rights and obligations. ECJ-Bayto DMV  strongly believes that existence of economic, political, social and cultural institutions are the foundations of the democratic process and the best guarantor of individual and group rights and freedoms.

ECJ-Bayto DMV  strongly believes that Eritreans are entitled to fundamental and basic human rights  to establish a democratic government whose essential powers and authorities are to guarantee the freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of worship and the right to advocate and stand for democratic process. 

Promote dialogue among Eritreans and various organizations on current challenges facing Eritrea. ECJ Bayto-DMV will also seek to coordinate with other likeminded Eritrean civic organizations in the United States and across the globe at large. It seeks to narrow differences among various justice seeking organizations to be able to arrive at a consensus platform.

To educate the Eritrean people and their organization to build their capacity so that they can better defend their economic, social and political Rights. To assist, protect and defend the rights of Eritrean refugees, asylum seekers and forcibly displaced communities. To reconcile and harmonize the mistrusts and conflicts cultivated and nurtured by the Regime.

ECJ Bayto-DMV seeks to raise public awareness about the ongoing crimes against humanity that are being committed by the regime in Eritrea. ECJ Bayto-DMV shall rally the Eritrean people by exposing these criminal acts that are being committed by the current regime daily.

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